Office Visit/Examinations:

Our appointment times are scheduled for 30 minutes divided between doctor and technician; longer for multiple pets. If our schedule doesn’t quite match yours, we provide daycare for your pet at no charge to work your pet into our schedule.  Emergencies take priority over scheduled appointments and scheduled appointments take priority over walk-in, non-emergency cases.


All surgeries are performed Monday through Friday. Except for emergencies, procedures requiring anesthetic are only done in the morning to allow ample time for recovery during the afternoon. Most patients are discharged by late afternoon/evening. This reduces stress and gets them back home in your loving care, where they are most comfortable. Our anesthetized patients are continually monitored by a veterinary technician (Heart rate and blood pressure are assessed by humans as well as by mechanical ECG and blood pressure machines). Patients are not returned to kennels or left alone until fully recovered.

Routine surgeries are performed by both Dr. Bjornson and Dr. Hunt. Dr. Bjornson is also experienced in other surgery such as splenectomy, enucleation, entropion, ectropion, conjunctival flap, abdominal exploratory including resection with anastomosis and simple fracture repairs. Advanced specialized surgeries are performed here at our hospital by the board certified surgeons from Twin Cities Veterinary Surgery. They have expertise in all areas of surgery including orthopedic surgeries (such as TPLO, TTA, advanced fracture repair) as well as advanced soft tissue surgeries.


We utilize the safest available anesthetics to provide an extra margin of safety, especially for our older patients or high-risk patients.  Using modern equipment, the patient’s vital signs are monitored during all anesthetic procedures.  A technician is dedicated to monitoring your pet from start of anesthesia through recovery.  Anesthesia protocols are tailored to each individual patient depending on their health status that day.


Periodontal disease is one of the most common diseases affecting dogs and cats. Chronic infections in the mouth can spread to the heart, liver, lungs and kidneys. Since dental disease has detrimental effects on the entire body, our goal is to prevent painful dental infection and tooth loss by providing affordable dentistry and manageable homecare options. All dentistry is performed under general anesthesia. Most patients are placed on antibiotics for 5 days before and 5 days after their procedure. Similar to routine surgeries, dentistry patients are scheduled for morning check-in and afternoon check-out and are performed Monday through Friday.

Animal Chiropractic:

After practicing veterinary medicine for 10 years, Dr. Bjornson became certified in “Animal Chiropractic Basics” by the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association in 2000 and has maintained current certification to date. Chiropractic therapy is used to reduce pain. It also improves function, mobility and quality of life for our patients – as well as those referred to us by other area veterinarians. Pets who have undiagnosed pain and those who “just don’t move around as well as they used to” can greatly benefit from chiropractic examination and therapy. Dogs suffering from Intervertebral Disc Disease can also benefit from routine chiropractic care.

Diagnostic Radiology:

Radiology is one of the most important diagnostic modalities available to our veterinarians. Radiographs (X-rays) taken at Broadway Veterinary Hospital are interpreted on site. When the opinion of a specialist is needed, the films can be sent to a radiologist or an orthopedic surgeon for consultation. Orthopedic Foundation of America (OFA) films can be performed and sent to OFA for certification.


Ultrasonic imaging for limited area diagnostics is performed in house by either Dr. Bjornson or Dr. Hunt. Specialized or advanced diagnostics are performed by the board certified specialist service, Minnesota Veterinary Ultrasound. Their expertise greatly benefits our patients when specialized imaging is needed.

Ultrasound services include:

– Pregnancy diagnosis
– Evaluation of kidney, bladder, gall bladder, spleen, liver
– Ultrasound guided biopsies
– Complete abdominal ultrasound exams
– Complete echocardiographic exams with color flow and Spectral Doppler
– Soft tissue and small parts imaging, such as thyroid or parathyroid imaging, tumor assessment,      adrenal gland assessment

Laboratory Services:

We have an in-house laboratory to provide immediate diagnostic testing so that treatment can begin as soon as possible. Our trained technicians are able to perform basic hematology, blood chemistry, thyroid monitoring, urine and fecal analysis “stat.” Send-out testing is done by overnight shipment and with laboratories that provide results as rapidly as possible.


We offer an extensive on-site pharmacy. If your pet requires a medication not commonly used, we are happy to call in or write a prescription to the pharmacy of your choice. Also, we are aware of the pricing offered at online sites and other catalogs, and try to be competitively priced.

Prescription Diets:

We carry Hill’s and Royal Canine prescription diets and are able to custom order numerous others. When properly prescribed, these diets can make a remarkable difference in a pet’s long-term prognosis. We are also open to feeding raw or home cooked diets and will work with you to meet your pet’s individual nutritional needs.


If your pet requires sedation or anesthesia to be groomed, our hospital is able to provide such services. The appointment will include a veterinary pre-anesthetic exam and appropriate precautions will be discussed to minimize anesthetic risks. All pets are required to be current on rabies, distemper combination, and bordetella vaccinations for grooming. Proof of current vaccination status needs to be provided or for your convenience, veterinary examinations and vaccinations or other treatments can be performed on the same day as the grooming appointment.